18 July 2010

Ask BW: Blow-Drying Wash-N-Gos

This question was asked by my baby sis (20 yrs old but always a the baby) the other day as she watched me go through my "Wash-Stretch-N-Go"  routine. I thought this was a good question to use to talk about my "frequent"  use of the blow-dryer (that-which-must-not-be-named! lmao). There are more than one reason behind it:

Q. "Why do u blow-dry your Wash-N-Gos; doesn't that just makes you hair... 'poof'?"

  • My main reason is my hair is tightly coiled towards the ends: Even though I love the way it looks in it's natural shrunken state and have worn it like that for years; as my hair got longer the more knots I had to battle with on wash days. Both on big chunks of sections and worst; single strands ones! This caused me quite a few setbacks, it's not a good fell running your strands between your fingers only to find 1-3 little knots from middle to ends. Now that I use the blow-dryer to enlogate my curls/kinks when I want to wear my hair out, I haven't had any problems with knots.  

  • My hair takes a long time to dry (longer than I like at least). It takes about twice as long with products added. It's no fun sitting around all day waiting for your hair to dry or leaving the house with wet hair... so I like to blow-dry.

  • I LOVE BIG HAIR!: Yes, sometimes my hair has some poof to it; that's because I want it to. The degree of poof/frizz  from this technique can easily be controlled by you. 
Tips to prevent poof/frizz: 
  1. Choosing products that give my hair the best definition and also add a little weight/hold
  2. And this is probably the most important: USING A NOZZLE ATTACHMENT TO BLOW-DRY 
  3. Keeping the dryer going in one direction (downward) on my strands
  4. KEEPING MY HANDS OUT OF MY HAIR! no fluffing or shaking.
I tend to break the above rules *shrugs* because as I said before: I LOVE BIG HAIR! My hair is 'normal' in density (I suppose); and I envy those with super thick hair. Blow-drying helps to create the illusion of a lot more hair than I actually have. So the bigger the better as far as I'm concerned! 

And just so this post in not so worthless... I'VE GOT COMPARISON PICS! Pics on left are of my hair when I Wash-Stretch-N-Go (in natural sunlight so true color), on the right is my completely dry hair without products and un-manipulated.

<--Adds about 3 inches in length

 <--Adds twice the volume

*Disclaimer (because I feel one is needed): I am in no way telling anyone to go out and fry their hair with a blow-dryer. This is just what works for ME personally.


  1. hey bw, I remember you from fotki, and I was pleasantly surprised to come across your blog any way I used your method to do the best "wash stretch and go" ever!!! Thank you very much for posting this while I have experimented with this in the past this is the first time it clicked, thanks for sharing!!!! My fotki is Mississippicurls Thanks again


  2. Hey girl!!!! I def remember your albums (with your sis right?) because I'm one of your "stalkers" lol.

  3. ur hair looks gorgeous! :) love the curls


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