2010 Progress


Wore this wig for Jan and Feb to give my hair a break. I didn't want to put braids back in because of the damage

 I had to do major razor cutting, shaping and layering to get this wig like this. it was all one length bob brushing my shoulders. Isn't the texture beautiful?! Matched my own straightened texture perfectly.

I loved this wig! Synthetic cheap Beauty Supply Store wig. The front is lace (cheap and bit hard), but ...best 40 buck I ever spent!
My Own hairline is left out so no stress on them and looks more natural that way. (BTW no glue or tapes applied)



 Hairline Progress! So happy they grew back in so quickly. I used a mix of Coconut, Castor and Olive oil on then at nights and before I put on my wig in the mornings. Did an Aphogee 2-Step and blew my hair out. The thin ends are tucked under.

Lightly flat-ironed. Still hanging in at BSB but not for long..

Applied Loreal Healthy Look Color in Cool Chestnut Brown.
 I thought this was a perfect shot to show how much damage there is.
 Everything that's thin has to go. Notice only the kinkiest sections broke off. I've always had a hard time being patient and gentle enough with my nape already now apparently the hair back there don't even like being wrapped and tied down.
I don't have any pics of me chopping or any 'real" length shots. I didn't even plan to but I had had enough. This was a Caruso set on flat-ironed hair.  I loved how thick and healthy my ends were and I will try to keep them that way. Finally I got rid of all my layers. Everything except for bangs and hair framing my face was cut to one length.    
I enjoyed having my hair this length again. The first time around it was almost always in braids. This time I'm just letting it be. Twist-out done on old wash-n-go

2 months after the cut. I did wash-n-gos everyday to evrey other day. Twist-out done on old was-n-go that was stretched using the Denman D84 (paddle) brush. You can see that the color lasted a long time, I was loving my big hair this day, couldn't believe it was growing back so much faster. I guess even ends does make a difference.

Wash-Stretch-N-Go using Suave Tropical Coconut and Eco-Styler
Wash-Stretch-N-Go day 2


  1. BW! Are you not on fotki anymore? I used to love lookin at your pics and then I couldn't FIND you! I just saw you on BHM and can I say you and your hair is lookin FAB! You seriously have some beautiful hair!!!

  2. Hey *waves*, No I had stopped paying for my fotki assuming that they would just revert it to a regular acct but it was shut down instead so I just said F it!, lol this is free anyways. And thank you very much :D


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