15 July 2010

Caffeine Addiction

A couple of days ago I finally admitted to what my friends have been trying to tell me for so long: That I *may* have a caffeine problem. Although I still don't think it's as bad as everyone's making it out to be *shrugs*.

How bad is it you say? Well I usually have  1 - 2 cups (or half a pot) of coffee in the morning, just like most regular people, right? Throughout the day I also have tea right up until my bedtime (usually has to be the last thing I have or I wake up in a bad mood). I don't drink sodas and besides a  glass or two of juice and the occasional water; I can consume 2 - 4 oversize mugs of tea by the end of my day. OK so maybe it's more like 5-7... Still that's not so bad right?

So anyways; I've decided I'm going to give up coffee for a week and see how it goes from there. Day 1 started 3 and half hours ago!... I'm already on my 3rd mug of coffee *fail*  :/


  1. i've been there. i used to work at a coffee shop, and i would drink coffee and tea until i got off work and i'd take a big one for the walk home. i weened myself off of it...i had to, b/c whenever i didnt go to work, i'd get the withdrawal headache.

    but since then, i've gone months without having coffee or tea.

    it's hard because it's so yummy. and if you can always replace a few of your drinks a day with their caffeine-free counterparts.

  2. OMG the headaches are the worst! lol. I've actually weaned myself off coffee many times before but always get sucked back it when I have house guest that want coffee or something like that x_x Tea? heck no! I don't think I can ever give that up since that's the first thing I was always given to drink in the mornings growing up. One good thing that I've done though is replacing sugar with organic honey.


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