17 January 2012

Branching Out...

*Exotic Tiger*

Confetti: Fashionista

Spoiled by Wet N Wild: Visually Slimming

I'm usually a plain polish type gyal, but my latest hobby (or should I say obsession) has been nail art and designs. I spend hours watching youtube videos and redoing my nails so I will share them (even the horrible ones) with you. You are welcome. :-p

<---- This is one of my favourite designs that is very easy to do yourself and looks great with any colours you choose.

What You Will Need:

11 January 2012

1-2-3 Styling: The Princess Braid

~*Hair-styles that can be created in less than 10 minutes; Say good-bye to bad-hair days!*~

I've been catching up on some Merlin episodes and quickly got frustrated by the lack of styles. Morgana has really let herself go man! Yeah I know she's been living out in the woods with no servants but still, she couldn't conjoure up a simple sexy braid or two?! *Umph* So after I got over my dissappointment I decided to get my fix on my own hair. This is one of the many styles I came up with that could be done in less than 10 minutes....

21 November 2011

1-2-3 Styling: Puff Dumplings (Up-do)

~*Hair-styles that can be created in less than 10 minutes; Say good-bye to bad-hair days!*~


18 November 2011

*My* Perfect Roller-set

Don't you hate when people always say: "I roller-set and flat-iron the roots ONLY!"; when you've tried countless times to do the same and failed miserably? No matter how many hours you've spent watching tutorials and breaking your arms, back, neck to get the stupid rollers in, your set ends up being a big load of craptastic -Do. Not. Want-. Makes you wanna slap someone and their mama!

This is the best roller-set I've done to date since my relaxer days (**though I haven't done that many**).   So here yet another Roller-set pictorial with EVERY little detail I could think of! Yes, this is another one of my looong drawn out posts again so if you are not having any of that at least skim over the pics  :)


27 February 2011


As promised. Get ready to be spammed!!

These are from yesterday. I was really loving the frizz ball. This was a 2 day old twist-out. I spritzed it with my water/oil/conditioner/ACV mix and scrunched in a few drops of Extra Virgin coconut and olive oil. I don't like flat or super defined twist-outs on me (I think I said that already) so I usually damp my hands and run it through my hair or spritzed it down like I've been doing lately.

The color has faded a bit (turquoise is completely gone except at roots) and you can see the bleached areas showing thorough on some spots. It doesn't look too noticeable and kinda looks like I also have yellow rinse. I will probably be redoing the turquoise some time this week or maybe change it to a more deep vibrant green. Haven't decided yet.

22 February 2011

Live In Color!

Wow am I the worst blogger, or what?! I have a million and one excuses (all true BTW, lol) as to why I haven't updated in so long but honestly the no. 1 being that I got sucked into Sims 3 again so most of my free time was spent on that. Lol I suck at juggling hobbies so when I get bored I just drop them for a few months and move on. Sounds bad I know but anyways I'm back into hair forums and such so here I am! :P.

So what have I been up to?! As you can see by the pics; no good! I've been wanting to do something crazy with my hair for a while now but couldn't decided between colour or cut. I finally went for colour as a V-day gift to myself and I plan to chop some layers in later on. I spent a whole year chopping my hair off to get it ALL ONE LENGTH, only to chop back layers in less than a year later. Crazy I know, but that has been the theme with me lately. Must be some kind of quarter-life crisis or something.

Anyways I'm loving my new turquoise and pink do and even thought I mostly do wash-n-go's and twist-outs I'm still having lots of fun with my hair. After-all that's what my blog is all about ;) Tons of pics and updates to come soon, I will tell you more about the color and show pics of how it looks blended with my normal everyday styles. Let me now what you guys think of the colour. It might help (or not) to know that I mostly listen to Alt.rock and metal so I tend to like stuff most "normal" folks don't, so you get a pass if you're not feeling it. But just this once!


08 October 2010

Are You Star Quality?


Just in time for the weekend. I remember when I use to avoid red polishes and lipsticks like the plague! I use to think they were too loud for me but I was determined to at least give it a try. Now I have so many that I don't even think I will ever get to wear them all. What actually really gave me the push to get into reds was when  Madmen first premiered in 2007. Just the whole 60's look got me excited to try. 
Did I already tell you guys how much I'm loving Contetti?!  

Are you afraid to wear red? Here is how I make it work for me:
  • Keep the color palate of clothing neutral and patterns basic (no 'matchy-matchy'! lol)
  • Vintage inspired clothing always work great with red lips and nails because it just looks like "it belongs together".
  • Think of red as an accessory all by itself and try not to add  too much. Except, for parties and late nights, then by all means go all out!
  • Understanding that not all reds go with my skin-tone. For my warm skin-tone I look for reds with an orange base or that are so deep you can hardly tell. I do the same for lip color. Anything with orange base or sort of look coral looks good on me.
  • Wear it with confidence! This may sound cheesy but if you feel great about your look and embrace it then others will see and appreciate it too. So just let it shine through!



1-2-3 Styling: How To Make It Easier To French Braid Thick Hair

~*Simple everyday styles than anyone can create within minutes*~

When it comes to thick or tightly curled natural hair it can be some what of a challenge to do corn-braids by yourself and have them looking neat. Well for me French-braids are twice has challenging. This is a technique that I've used for years when doing French-Braids, to make it a little easier. It's a 2 step process that illimates the bulk of the hair by the time you get to the 'French-braiding part', thus resulting in a cleaner finish .