2009 Progress

I kept my hair in weaves most of this year. In the end I ended up with length but not the thickness (on the ends) I wanted, as well has breakage from improper handling.

braid-out that I didn't like went into a puff


BSB round 2. Thin ends from growth- my hair trying to grow into a V-shape again

After a trim ends look much better :)

My Pony hasn't progress much length-wise with all the cutting but it's a lot thicker! (wore protective styles for next 2 months)



Black Rinse and Silky flat-iron results after overnight deep conditioning. Ends still looking full (wore protective styles for next 2 months)


The B-day girl
air-dried roller-set to prep for flat-ironing
*Poof* It's August what else did I expect?!
Even though it was the middle of summer I was hell bend on having straight hair for my B-day!
I couldn't stand looking at these ends. There were no splits or damage just the way my hair naturally grows :- nape-right side-left-side-crown. BSB round 3!! *hair poofed up so I had to stretch to get length shot*

Red-based black rinse. I ended up wearing it in diff. bun style because the ends bothered me so much


I did a tiny trim because I wanted to wear my hair out

Flat twist-out that I removed before it was completely dry, so it came out a bit frizzy. Still loved it :D
*thinking*: I haven't rinsed my hair black in a while, I can see my brown peeking through, *boring*...


I did subtle highlights and all over color. This was a braid-out I did with half the hair rolled on tiny rods

My version of the Southern Tease Bun using hair combs**I didn't like the color at first, too close to my skin tone I thought...**

...but after it oxidized I was in LOVE with it! (Twist-out)


Braid-out and still loving the color                  (bad lighting but I like this pic :P)


already over the color! lol I wanted a deeper red tone so I did another color job (not permanent though). This was a blow-out that I placed in 2 buns to prep for flat-ironing. Loved the big hair.

Made MBL with nasty ends. Ewww, and that damn V-shape is back! Arrgh! Ratty ends drive me nutz!
I had horrible damage all along my hairline and nape from tying my scarf too tight at nights so it made my hemline thin. (Please excuse the dirty mirror)

Nape damage. Finally decided to wear scarves to bed and this is the thanks I got, eek! I combed the hairs forward so you can see the extent of the damage.
This side was not so bad as I tend to mostly sleep on the other. *Back to just my satin pillow cases*

Decided to chop some because I hate thin ends **also rinsed it black to give it a healthier appearance**. No point in having long hair if I'm unhappy with the condition. I'm not hang up on length, hair grows; I've always been more concerned with having a certain look and feel to my hair, esp. ends. BTW it wasn't cut uneven, one side was curls more than the other.

X-mas Pic *happy with the new cut but still not done* Hair looks even when I pull it all to the front like this and the hat did a good job of hiding the broken hairs in the front that were too short to lay flat, lol
Used a 1" curling iron to make waves once hair got poofy *also reshaped bangs and layered front to fall better around my face. Still have some thin ends in the back to cut off
Twist-out pony *When I need a break from styling my hair is usually like this or in 2 braided pigtails *
This is how I do my twist set using Cantu Shea Leave-in
Twist-out results

Same twist-out 3 days later. Loving the new shape, hangs better around my face :) *4 years down!*

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