22 February 2011

Live In Color!

Wow am I the worst blogger, or what?! I have a million and one excuses (all true BTW, lol) as to why I haven't updated in so long but honestly the no. 1 being that I got sucked into Sims 3 again so most of my free time was spent on that. Lol I suck at juggling hobbies so when I get bored I just drop them for a few months and move on. Sounds bad I know but anyways I'm back into hair forums and such so here I am! :P.

So what have I been up to?! As you can see by the pics; no good! I've been wanting to do something crazy with my hair for a while now but couldn't decided between colour or cut. I finally went for colour as a V-day gift to myself and I plan to chop some layers in later on. I spent a whole year chopping my hair off to get it ALL ONE LENGTH, only to chop back layers in less than a year later. Crazy I know, but that has been the theme with me lately. Must be some kind of quarter-life crisis or something.

Anyways I'm loving my new turquoise and pink do and even thought I mostly do wash-n-go's and twist-outs I'm still having lots of fun with my hair. After-all that's what my blog is all about ;) Tons of pics and updates to come soon, I will tell you more about the color and show pics of how it looks blended with my normal everyday styles. Let me now what you guys think of the colour. It might help (or not) to know that I mostly listen to Alt.rock and metal so I tend to like stuff most "normal" folks don't, so you get a pass if you're not feeling it. But just this once!



  1. I completely understand your addiction. I even have Sims 3 on my cell phone.



  2. oh yay! You're back!

    I so feel you on the Sims thing. I've missed sleep many a night just because I had to reach a goal or get a raise or buy some new furniture. lol

    The hair is cute. and welcome back! yay!

  3. Yeah more addicts!! lol

    Toya: it's a little embarrassing for me to admit but when a new EP comes out I actually go days with little to no sleep :X

  4. love the pink, not feeling the turquoise...

    Sims have me a while back....i think I've finally recovered...lol


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