My Hair Type

I'm not sure what my hair would be classified as on all these hair typing systems that seems to cause so much confusion on hair forums; especially among tightly coiled hair types. When I use to ask what my type was I would get 4a, 4a/b, 3c/4a; 4a/b3c. So I guess I'm some where in the 3-4 range. But it just doesn't seem enough for me to classify my hair as any 1-3 combo of number and letters based on one person's ideas. My hair has a life of it's own and bends and curls in it's own unique way. Yes, I can find someone with similar hair type but it will never be EXACT match.  The best way I can describe my hair is the way my son did when he was only 3 years old; "fluffy".

The above is a pic of my  completely dry un-manipulated hair (naked: no products or stretching). Some sections clump to form smooth coils, some 'S'-shaped curls but most; a mixture of kinks and curl: which gives it a "fluff" look and feel with a small tight coil on the ends holding/clumping the strands together. Others start out as 'S'-shaped curls and end with a tight smooth coil on the last few inches. All this while my crown does it's own thing and poof into a looser curl/wave  pattern.

 So out of curiosity, what would you say my hair type is; based on Andre's system where everyones hair falls under either straight, wavy, curly, coily or kinky category?

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