07 October 2010

Fall & Winter Prep (BSS Haul)

Some purchases I made last month. A few things that I can't live without  during the cold months, as well as first time buys.

  • Stocked up on my fav cheapies: I ran out of Suave Tropical Coconut so I decided to go looking for another bottle and some how came back with all of these. Do you see Suave anywhere in that pic? Because I sure as heck don't *sigh*, I can't help it. Some of the V05s are already in my regular rotation and I absolutely LOVE, so I'm looking forward to trying the others. And I've never tried White Rain so I hope those work just as well.

  • Spray Bottle for homemade leave-in mixes 
  • Tesemme Heat Tamer Spray. I prefer liquid heat protectant over serums, less build up and more bounce, but when it's humid out a good serum can come in handy so I keep both on-hand.
  • No Slip Grip Large Butterfly Clip for when I don't want to be bothered with my hair or just need to get it off my coats and scarves until I reach my destination.

  • CHI Keratin Mist Leave-in has been a staple of mine for over 2 years now. I usually use it before flat-ironing and roller-setting but also if I fell like my hair need some protein after doing mainly co-washes for long periods of time.
  • Emerald Laboratories Coconut Oil from GNC. Another staple that I just can't live without. 
  • Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, also from GNC
  • Eco Styler alcohol free hair gel (even though I've cut down on my use I still love this particular brand and will prob use more often when I start wearing my hair up more).
  • Please ignore the nail polish and BB Cleanser. They don't have a darn thing to do with this post!

I went and dug these out of my storage bins. I will be wearing my hair straight a lot more so these are always good to have.

  • Tons of hair toys to play around with and keep those ends tucked and protected from the cold
  • Scarf (used only to smooth pinned/clipped up styles)
  • A very light weight satin headband to tie edges at night (came with  velcro on the ends but I cut them off)
  • Blue Magic Coconut grease  (Yes I know grease is shunned in the hair community but it works for me. Even the best hair product in the world can get a bad rep if used incorrectly in my opinion. I've used it as a staple for years on both mine and my sons hair and we are not bald... yet). I find that when it gets so cold that it feels like even your eyeballs are frozen, regular oil just don't always cut it for me. I need something thicker on those ends that will hold in moisture longer to keep them from snapping off. I also use the Proclaim Coconut Oil grease  which smells a lot better and is a little softer/lighter; but it's all the same to me so whichever brand I happen to see first is what I buy. It's a great way to give those old fragile ends some extra TLC and a layer of protection from the bitter cold.


    How I make grease work for ME:
    1. Only apply to clean MOISTURIZED hair to lock in moisture
    2. I also apply while my hair is damp for optimal sealing; I just wash/co-washed and spray on my leave-in then coat ends. 
    3. I never reapply to dry, previously coated hair in-between washes.
    4. I only apply to the length of my hair,  NEVER scalp.
    5. A little goes a long way, no need to slather it on like it's going out of style or something
    6. I make sure to clarify often to prevent  possibly blocking of moisture from build-up

     Other ways I use this in the Winter time:
    • to moisturize and soften rough, dry feet. I apply while feet are a still damp from shower then cover with thick socks for the night. The result? Super soft feet!
    • To give my body lotions a boost. I just  mix them both in my palms before I apply
    • I also smooth over dry cuticles when my hand lotions have given up on me

    Damn this just turned into a "grease post" which was so not my intention!  

    Anyways, does the good old fashion hair grease play a role in your regi, and if so how?


    1. I just wanted to comment on your White Rain purchase.

      I'm also a v05/Suave fan (the only shampoos and conditioners that I use). When I first started out White Rain was also in the rotation but I hadn't used it in years.

      I found an old bottle last week and decided to give it a whirl. Girl, that stuff was like straight water! I don't know why I even used that stuff on my naps in the past; I can't imagine it did anything but soak in! lol

      I have much better results with my v05 and Suave. I had to use tons and tons of the White Rain. It just seemed like it was disappearing into oblivion.

      Be sure to let us know how it works out for you.

    2. Haha yea I actually tried them and had similar like you had the same results. Though mines were really thick so they may have change the formula. I will be posting on them some time this week. So disappointing

    3. I honestly believe that VO5 has got to be the best cheapie conditioner ever. I love it so much.

      Bot my question is on the Burts and Bees item (even though you said to ignore it lol) What is it and how does it work on your hair?


    Thanks for reading. I'd love to know what your thoughts are on this topic! :)