21 November 2011

1-2-3 Styling: Puff Dumplings (Up-do)

~*Hair-styles that can be created in less than 10 minutes; Say good-bye to bad-hair days!*~



I first started with pre-stretched hair
 (wet pigtails or a low bun tied with a scarf and left overnight to dry or an old braid/twist-out ). 

 *Moisturizer/oil (I use coconut oil) strands. Gently de-tangle hair with  a wide-tooth comb (optional)*
Flat-twist, roll or braid front half of the hair. Secure with bobby pins to prevent unraveling. --------------->>>


Take random sections of hair and twirl the ends around your finger until the hair starts coiling unto itself about half way up the length.

*the sections can be any size you like*

Still holding ends; bunch the coiled section towards the scalp and secure (ends) with a bobby pin.

 **Bonus = the bigger they are the fuller your style will be**

*They should look something like this*

You can do as many as you like.  

*When done in tiny sections with setting products, this style looks very elegant and neat; but since this is a quick-look pictorial I did then jumbo size*

I did 6 total; one on each side, two at the bottom and center

By now it should be looking pretty lumpy...

We will fix that by first smoothing the crown (use a tiny amount of moisturizer, pomade or gel if you like) and using the palm of your hand to keep your hair  flat while securing in place with bobby pins.

Next; Reshape lumps; tuck strays and pin sections until you are not able to see any          defined 'coil dumplings' or gaps in the hair. It should just look like one big cloud when you are finish.


  • To help tame fly-a-ways, very lightly spritz with water or leave-in then loosely tie a satin/silk scarf around head for a few mins
  • Don't be afraid of having what I like to call: "Bobby-Pinata Head" (so many bobby-pins in your hair that if someone gives you a pretty good whack a couple might fall out). Use as many bobby pins as you need to get it looking the way you want. Really, it's ok! *lol* No one will be able to see them and you will be able to keep your style for an extra day)
  • Add your favourite clips, hair-combs or a headband to make it unique  

SO what do you think? Is this a style you would wear? Have you created something similar before?
PS: I love pichas! ;) 


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  2. What a cute idea! I'm going to try this out for myself.

    I stumbled upon your HOTD pic on another haircare forum and I was tickled because you have my exact hair type down to a tee!! It's so hard to find a hair twin and I'm new to textured hairstyles. I only know how to get my silkened @ the salon but I'm trying to go the all natural route moving forward. Please keep the posts coming!

  3. Thanks for stopping by I will def. try to keep up :) Straightening takes a while to perfect the way you like so the only advise I can give is practice and have patience. Also make note of products combos and how your hair responds to them. Makes a great deal in finding that perfect combo in the end

  4. this style looks great!



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