26 July 2010

GHT! Key To My Heart *UPDATE*

+ Mini Haul
After finally gettting to the store to check out the Limited Edition Tattooed tools, I decided that my first pick, Plugged In Key To My Heart, wasn't the right one for me. I kind of suspected that I would go there and change my mind for some reason or another so I already had a second choice picked out. The Plugged In design was a perfect size for traveling but I didn't like that it didn't have a cool shot button as that is what I mainly use anyways. So I went with Jibere de Paris Ink. Most people don't like paisley designs but  I'm not most people :P

I've already used the blow-dryer twice and I absolutely love it. Tourmaline Ceramic with 3 heat settings and 3 speed settings accompanied by a cool shot button. It also gets very hot at 2000 watts of power so I assume it would work great for people that do blow-outs.

The flat iron is 1' tourmaline ceramic with 30 heat setting; the highest of which heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. I don't know when I'll use this, probably to make curls/waves or something. I'm so use to the maxi-glide; the size, pins and steam gets the job done so much faster. I got this simply because... well I'm a sucker for cute things that match. I'll give it a whirl though and will be sure to post a review.

I also picked up Ceramic Tools Straightening & Cutting comb to use with the flat iron. Lustersilk Shea Butter Cholesterol; which I will be returning. Shea Butter makes me break out and I'm just now coming to that conclusion after using it for yrs now and wondering why I "suddenly" started breaking out at times (*sooo slow*). I've been in a 'twist-out mood" lately so I pick up rods as well.  Perfect Hold scrunchies because I go through them so fast. I never double the bands so I throw them out as soon as they become loose and won't shrink back to normal size.

And of course I suddenly remember a million other things that I forgot to pick up...


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