26 July 2010

Adventures Of A DIY Colorist

Black Rinses
I tend to rinse my hair black before I flat-iron. Straight hair just looks better when it's dark (IMO). It looks fuller and healthier. The only problem I have with black rinses is that most of them do not ever actually rinse out my hair. Which I don't mind unless I want to go lighter. It takes a little effort to lift the color esp. from the ends. This can be damaging if you don't know what your are doing so always do your research and consult a professional if you plan on going lighter. 

Choosing the right shade of black:
Shade? Yes, even black rinses have different shades or undertones rather.  Three to be exact; these are determined by what primary color is predominant: Red, Yellow or Blue. Choosing a color with the wrong undertone can turn out to be harsh-looking or wash-outed out. So how do I know what will look good on me?

Warm Skin tones:  I look my best in deep oranges, greens, yellow gold jewelry and other warm colors. So naturally colors with red undertones suites me best.  Back rinses with warm undertones give off a red/burgundy tint in bright lights. It is sometimes stated on the package: Black with violet; red; or warm base. 

                               Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection Semi-permanent
                                                          *Black (violet base)*
     (I haven't had any dryness or breakage form this line and have used it the most over the last four years)

Cool Skin Tones: People that look better in sliver, white gold, platinum jewelry and blues and other cool colors will look great with black rinses that have a blue base. With names such as Bluest Black, Blue Black, these give off a rich blue tint under bright lights. Of course being the stubborn, spoiled brat I am ; even knowing that this shade would look too harsh with my warm skin tone I tried it anyways. Lets just say not a good look and I never did it again :D
                                                               Clairol Jazzing Semi-permanent
                                                                          *Bluest Black*
                                 (This brand is very harsh on my strands and can cause breakage)

Neutral Skin tones: These lucky people look good in both warm and cool colors or gold and silver jewelry. So they can wear any of the above shades of black  and look great doing so. A black color with neutral base looks good on most everyone I think. Usually branded as: natural black, these reflects light well thus giving off a certain natural sheen. I tend to think *Ice* whenever I use a neutral black rinse. 

Dark and Lovely: Reviving Colors(left) & Fade Resistance Rich Conditioning Hair Color (right)
*Natural Black*
(Both brands actually left my hair a bit dry but nothing a deep conditioning couldn't fix. Also didn't hold up well after first wash)

*So that's it for the boring black, stay tuned for my other hair coloring experiences over the last 4 years*


Thanks for reading. I'd love to know what your thoughts are on this topic! :)