27 February 2011


As promised. Get ready to be spammed!!

These are from yesterday. I was really loving the frizz ball. This was a 2 day old twist-out. I spritzed it with my water/oil/conditioner/ACV mix and scrunched in a few drops of Extra Virgin coconut and olive oil. I don't like flat or super defined twist-outs on me (I think I said that already) so I usually damp my hands and run it through my hair or spritzed it down like I've been doing lately.

The color has faded a bit (turquoise is completely gone except at roots) and you can see the bleached areas showing thorough on some spots. It doesn't look too noticeable and kinda looks like I also have yellow rinse. I will probably be redoing the turquoise some time this week or maybe change it to a more deep vibrant green. Haven't decided yet.




  1. the color and shape are nice.

  2. It looks really good. It looks very healthy and has sheen. I can't believe that is from 2 day old twists, I normally have to leave my hair twisted longer to get a good wave. Great job.

    I have subbed again lol. Please check out my blogs when you get some free time.


  3. i wish i was brave enough to have color in my hair. geeeeeeeesh.

    love, rach.


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