17 January 2012

Branching Out...

*Exotic Tiger*

Confetti: Fashionista

Spoiled by Wet N Wild: Visually Slimming

I'm usually a plain polish type gyal, but my latest hobby (or should I say obsession) has been nail art and designs. I spend hours watching youtube videos and redoing my nails so I will share them (even the horrible ones) with you. You are welcome. :-p

<---- This is one of my favourite designs that is very easy to do yourself and looks great with any colours you choose.

What You Will Need:

  • A black nail art polish or any black polish and a small tip nail art brush like I prefer to use
  • A base colour (can be any colour but I think this design looks better with bright, wild colours)
  • Base Coat/Top Coat

  • Nail Polish remover and Cotton Swabs to clean up

My brush is by Winning Nails, #306 and I got it from Sally Beauty for under 5 bucks. I prefer using this over nail art polished because the tip is much smaller, which gives me more control.  I can also just use whatever polish I already have and love from my collection, instead of going out and buying the same colours in "special" nail are brands that I'm probably going to only use a few times.


<---- Apply Base coat and base colour polish of choice. Allow to dry to prevent smudging or colour dragging

Starting from the outside corner, draw slightly  ---->
curved horizontal stripes halfway on the nail. It's ok if it is a little squiggly. In fact, I think this design looks better with "not-so-perfect" lines. 


Continue with the curved stripes connecting some of them at the base as you go.

I like to to a combination of thin and thick curved  'V' 'W' and 'l' in no specific order. So each nail turns out unique. Just like tigers :D

Repeat on the other half  ---->

of your nail.


Use cotton swabs dipped in nail polish remover to clean up polish around nail bed and any that might have gotten on your fingers. 

Seal with a top coal and allow to dry. 


Sinful Colors: Thimbleberry

Spoiled by Wet N Wild: Visually Slimming
  • When working with nail art brushes and your own polish it is best to pour just a few drops of polish at a time, adding more as needed. This will prevent the polish drying to quickly causing a mess
  • Doing swift and light strokes instead of slow and controlled ones with your brush will create a feathered (tapered), more streamlined  look to your lines. 
  • Make sure to have some paper towels and nail polish remover easily accessible ( I pour it into bottle caps or something of similar size) to dip brushes periodically to remove clumps of dried polish 
  • I prefer to use glass containers because nail polishes are easily removed leaving no stains 

This has become one of my "go-to" designs because it's so easy and fun to do. Whenever I wear this design I try to keep the rest of my outfit neutral and wear lipstick to match the base nail colour to punch it up.

ABSOLUTE! : Fuchsia
Spoiled by Wet N Wild : Visually Slimming

Hope ya like, smooches!


  1. That's a nice pattern and I really nice that shade too. I found that for me, acrylic paints are easier to manipulate because they don't dry out as quickly.

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