27 July 2010

A 4th Degree No-Pooer's Penitence

Four years ago when I started my healthy hair journey I decided to give up shampoos and rely on more natural/organic means to cleanse my hair and scalp.  Now this was pretty easy to do seeing as I was almost always in protective styles and didn't use a lot of products that causes build-up.  Now that I wear my hair out most of the time and use gels 1-2 times a week, I decide adding shampoo back into my regi would be best to strip cones.

It's been only four months since I've been back on poos and well... now I'm not so sure this was a wise decision. I was looking through all my pics; old and new; for more posts on colour; one thing I noticed is that when I was avoiding shampoo like the plague, my hair had more "life". Not only was it shinner, softer and  less dryness to ends; but from the pics looks like I had more bounce and the strands tend  to shoot upward more than hang. *Remember how much I love big hair?* IDK, maybe I'm seeing things. I've even tried sulfate-free poos which seems to give me worst results even. How is that possible?

*Now that I think more about it, I didn't even give my old cleansing methods a chance with the new regi, wow what was I thinking?!  x_x*

 Either way... I'm going back to Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses and Baking Soda Washes for the next week and a half and see how it goes with gel  and other cone-filled products added to my regi.

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