27 July 2010

Tools I Can't Live Without: Denman

D3:  7 Row Styling Brush

Mostly used on wash days to de-tangle. This makes the job a lot easier and doesn't rip my hair or cause breakage. I use a handful of conditioner on half my head and de-tangel while holding that section under the flow of the water. Takes me about 3-5 mins to  do my whole head.

D12: 3 Row Comb

This is perfect for removing braids/corn-rows or other styles that are worn for long periods because the tips are tapered. The 3 rows ensure that you remove all shed hairs so as to avoid massive tangles during washing.

D83: Large Paddle Brush

This was the first Denman I bought and it did wonders for curls definition when my hair was shorter. It would help to smooth out the coils so they lasted longer. I haven't tried it on a wash-n-go on longer length though so I don't know if I would get the same results. Now I use it when I wear my hair straight to easily remove shed hairs and style. Also relaxing to on scalp and the ball tips help to distribute any oils I may have applied to my hair.



  1. I really need to get one of those blue combs for taking out braids and cornrows for my daughter's hair....Where did u purchase the comb from?

  2. I got it from Sally Beauty for under 3 bucks! More than worth it:)


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