30 September 2010

For Nail Polish Junkies: My New Found Love

CONFETTI: Long Wearing Nail Color

I found this brand in CVS a couple months ago and fell in love immediately. Not only were they on sale for $1.99 (who needs a $10 polish that you are gonna remove in a few days?! madness) but the color selection was ripe for fall. I bought these three pictured here to test out. My sister asked me why I needed three whole bottles to just do a  *test*, with that accusing look of hers. But whateva, I wish people would stop judging and quit with trying to make me feel guilty about my obses... I mean hobby.

I'm not sure if these are really 'long wearing' per-say, but with a really good base and top coat I got my usual full week's wear with one touch-up in-between.  I'm also happy that I keep a bottle of nail polish thinner on hand because these can become sticky after just two uses. Everyone who's into nail polishes should keep a bottle close by. It only takes a couple of drops to restore the normal consistency of a polish that's been opened one too many times.

Anyways... about CONFETTI: I LOVE the brushes! They have a slight curve which allows for a much easier application with less mess to clean off the  cuticles, palms, your thighs (I said don't judge me) or wherever you might get polish. Only one of the colors that I've bought so far didn't have this type of brush and I'm really hoping it is the oddball of the family and not the other way around. This tiny little detail makes my life so much easier. Well...not really, but you know what I mean :)


  1. i love confetti. it's cheap and seems to be decent quality.

    i shall paint my nails tonight...and stop in cvs and buy some more tomorrow. lol

  2. lol! umm maybe I'll do they same! After all it's been like 5 whole days since I bought a new polish. I think it's well overdue :D


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