08 October 2010

1-2-3 Styling: How To Make It Easier To French Braid Thick Hair

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When it comes to thick or tightly curled natural hair it can be some what of a challenge to do corn-braids by yourself and have them looking neat. Well for me French-braids are twice has challenging. This is a technique that I've used for years when doing French-Braids, to make it a little easier. It's a 2 step process that illimates the bulk of the hair by the time you get to the 'French-braiding part', thus resulting in a cleaner finish .



  Step 1

Section hair in desired amount. Here I did a zig-zag part just to keep things fresh.

Work with either damp or pre-stretched hair. It's mush easier to braid when the hair is not in it's dry shrunken natural state.  I used a blow-dryer on cool setting to stretch the hair

Step 2

Before you begin French-braiding each sections; install a regular corn-braid in the middle.

Make sure to do sort of an elongated oval for this section with sufficient hair left out all around to cover the corn-braid

I also try to make sure that the corn-braid is not too bulky. Do not braid all the way to the ends (<--see hair clip securing braid)

Step 3

Comb/brush the rest of the hairs to remover any tangles

A styling aid can be applied also to help tame fly aways. I used a tiny amount of Eco Styler Gel

Begin French-Braiding the remaining hair directly on-top of the corn-braid,  making sure to brush/smooth as you go to prevent bulk and/or thin spots.

Once you get to the base, remove clip from corn-braid and integrate hair with the ends of the French Braid.


To make this a protective style, tuck the ends under the base of the French-Braids and secure with bobby pins. *Don't forget to moisturize and seal first :)*
Get creative and add a design to the sides and/or front. This will not only give your French-Braids an interesting twist, but will reduce the amount of hair you have to work into each braid.

A Quick Video On How To French Braid:

Start with 3 sections and alternate with bringing the outside pieces into the middle. Just like a regular corn-braid, except instead of bringing the hair under the braid you bring it over. And work on making it a lot cleaner than my braids:) lol

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