08 October 2010

Are You Star Quality?


Just in time for the weekend. I remember when I use to avoid red polishes and lipsticks like the plague! I use to think they were too loud for me but I was determined to at least give it a try. Now I have so many that I don't even think I will ever get to wear them all. What actually really gave me the push to get into reds was when  Madmen first premiered in 2007. Just the whole 60's look got me excited to try. 
Did I already tell you guys how much I'm loving Contetti?!  

Are you afraid to wear red? Here is how I make it work for me:
  • Keep the color palate of clothing neutral and patterns basic (no 'matchy-matchy'! lol)
  • Vintage inspired clothing always work great with red lips and nails because it just looks like "it belongs together".
  • Think of red as an accessory all by itself and try not to add  too much. Except, for parties and late nights, then by all means go all out!
  • Understanding that not all reds go with my skin-tone. For my warm skin-tone I look for reds with an orange base or that are so deep you can hardly tell. I do the same for lip color. Anything with orange base or sort of look coral looks good on me.
  • Wear it with confidence! This may sound cheesy but if you feel great about your look and embrace it then others will see and appreciate it too. So just let it shine through!



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