07 October 2010

Guess How I Fixed My Digi Cam That's Been Broken For 2 Yrs

I'm been solely relying on my phone for the past 2 or so years now to take my hair pictures. For some reason the lens of my digi cam would not close and it would just shut off as soon as I turn it on. Well it would have cost me almost the same of the original price just to fix it so I decide to just chuck it and get a new one. I still haven't bought one because the one I wanted was too expensive and I didn't want to settle, lol.

 I don't know why but for some reason I have been hanging on to it (maybe it's because it was a gift from my boo). Well good thing I did, because I found it three days ago and decided to just try everything to get the lens back in. Even if I completely destroyed it it wouldn't matter because I was gonna chuck it anyways. So I started twisting, pushing, even lightly tapping it every time I walked by but it still wouldn't budge. Today I figure I would just use more pressure and if it didn't work that's that. So I twisted the lens until I heard a click and thought; damn, I've really done it now. Gave it a try and what do ya know?! It stays on now and even take pics :D. the lens will zoom out but still does not go all the way back in but I'm not worry about that now. I'm just too happy it's working. I really hate taking pics with my BB because I'm always dropping it. In fact I'm on my 2nd one. Anyways, I do not in any way recommend any of the techniques above! lol

I wish my hair was done-up or this was one of my 'cute-days' but unfortunately I'm in with what feels like a flu but not quite :/ so yeah, I'm a mess. Sorry no pics but I did a test video on French-braiding that I may post later. Hopefully I get some good use out of this thing before it gives up on me again. *smooches*

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