03 October 2010

Sorry To Offend You With My Wash-N-Go (rant)

The craziest thing happen to me today: I visited my local Beauty Supply Store to stock up on a few things. So as I was at the counter about to pay for my items, the clerk was a little busy chatting with a young lady that was trying to get her business cards displayed at the counter. As she was chatting up the clerk about the different type of services that her salon offered, I decided to check out some of the deep conditioner packets on display, trying very hard not to stare at this poor girl's head.

Now out of no where she just turned on me and started offering her services to me:

Her: Yeah we just opened and at [location here], you should come by, I can hook "THAT" up for you. 
Me: Umm no thank you
Clerk: Oh no she does hair as well (then turned to me) your hair is so pretty and always looks soft
Me: Thank you (clearly still in shock)

Now the whole time this girl was talking to me she was starting at my hair like I smeared it in dog poo or something crazy like that. I mean, I know my wash-n-go was a couple days old but I didn't think it looked THAT bad. It happen so fast that I wasn't even ready with a good comeback. As I stood their with my mouth hanging open trying to decide if I should politely decline her offer or cuss her azz out, she turned her back on me and started on  ANOTHER customer. So I decided not to waste my breath and just paid for my stuff and left. I was half mad and half cracking up.

Now to described her hairstyle of choice: She had a jet black full head shiny weave that looked faker than a $6 bill. Not only did it look like it was slathered in lard and burned to a crisp but the closure was also 10 feet high on the top of her head and the ends looked like a mouse has been gnawing away at them. And as if that wasn't enough, one side of the weave was shaved low in a zig-zag design and accentuated with blond and red tracks.

 I think it was suppose to be a copy of this style:

Instead it looked like this:

                         I'm not even trying to be funny. ^^^ That is exactly what it looked like!!

And here is a pic of my wash-n-go that clearly needed professional help *SMFH*

It's a little frizzy and looks a bit slept on but I had no idea I had to be fully decked out to go to the store 5 blocks from my house!

What would you have done if it were you in my position?                                                                                                                          



  1. lol...not laughing at you but the situation...

    why is it always the ones who have a hot mess on top of their heads that make the comments?

    i cant say what i would have done because being caught off guard like that would have probably shocked me into silence...especially if her weave was looking that bad...

    i dont think i've ever had someone say anything to me, but i've felt people staring. and i honestly can't figure it out because it's almost 2011...natural hair really isn't THAT rare anymore.

  2. I know right?! It was the weirdest thing ever because I didn't even think about what my hair was looking like that morning until after that happen, lol.

  3. You did the right thing by leaving. I would have been torn if put in that situation too. Just laugh it off, you should have given her your card. :)


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